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Krzysztof SQ8GBE

Hello, I'm Chris SQ8GBE  and also  SP8YWK. I was born in 1963 and live in the south – east of Poland in the town of Jedlicze near the town of Krosno(capital of administrative district). I work as a teacher at the Primary School of John Paul II in Lubatowa near the town of Dukla,

16 kilometers to Polish border with Slovakia – division OM.


I have been interested in radio for many years and I’ m HAM since 1996. Now I can be found on the HF & VHF bands with my home station and Radio Family Club station (SP8YWK). This club is located in Miejsce Piastowe. I enjoy a wide variety of modes, but primarily I spend my time on HF working phone SSB. I am mostly on 10 - 80m - and can usually be found  sometimes on 20-17-10m and  also on 6m.

 Radio Station consists of: ICOM 725, Wolna-Made in Russia,  Jingtong 208, CTE 1600, KL-300 P series amplifier at 300 W, Transverter Preskan for 50 MHz 8 W.

Antenna: Long Wire, Windom, Hotline 3111, Mobil Antene Outbuck 1899.     Grid Square KNØ9TR .


I’ m QSL Manager of  Family Radio Club SP8YWK and Polish special events stations:

SNØBBM (2009)

SNØBJP (2011)

SNØBM (2002)      

SNØDP (2004)

SNØISK (2002)

SNØLUB (2006)

SNØNF (2003)

SNØSP  (2003)

SNØZM (2010)

SN25ISK (2010)



3ZØPJP (2005)

3ZØSW (2011)


Please send your QSL via Bureau (PZK 05) or direct.

E-mail: sp8ywk /at/ o2.pl

My Website: http://sp8ywk.eqrz.net.

                                          Best regards, Chris  de SQ8GBE